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Written by Jan & Felix

Mai 16, 2020

Welcome to the newsletter of kollektiv individualimus!


Hello everyone!

Thank you for choosing our newsletter!

We are Felix and Jan – the people behind kollektiv individualismus – and we are really happy that you are joining tus on this adventure.

Before we say something about what we intend to do here, let’s say something about the english version of our newsletter and the recently re-launched website.

The newsletter: We’re writing our newsletter in German and since we only have one subscription list we’re sending the german version to everyone who subscribed. Nonetheless we will try to accompany each version with a decent translation. You will have to select English (EN) in the top right corner of the header.

The website: Most postings on our website are about music. Since music knows no borders but all languages we just leave them as they are. You can check out our weekly recommendation of music (SdW – Sountrack of the week), our playlists (on Spotify too) and more to come. For the rest of the website we chose a bilingual approach by adding in grey an english version of the most important little texts and hints.

Why newsletters are great.

Newsletters are great. You don’t have to rely on algorithms to find content. You can subscribe or unsubscribe to specific content. We recommend this intentional approach. You can get in and out. One can intervene, reply or simply read along. You can read it when and where you want. We think this is really great and want to try it out! Because there are already many great newsletters on a daily basis, and we don’t want to overload ourselves or our recipients, we send a monthly mail.

The whole thing should be and remain a project from friends for friends. As always, we are free of advertising and do not collect any data from you – except for email addresses and optionally names.

About the format.

The plan is the following: every month a certain topic and some music, a few beautiful, wild or beautifully wild lines, something to think about, something to listen to, something to laugh or cry to. A letter about present times and music. We stick to our old credo: relax where contradiction meets beautiful observations. Here we play Ping Pong with ideas and music. Finally everything makes no sense. Have fun!

Soon we’ll start!

That was a short introduction to the program, now you can look forward to the next newsletter, which hopefully will reach you soon.

We are looking forward to feedback, any recommendation and also new subscriptions. The e-mail address for the newsletter is: newsletter@kollektivindividualismus.de.

Stay tuned.


Felix and Jan

Soundtrack der Woche


SdW #235 Sophie Kennedy – Up

Wow. Sophia Kennedy's Up from the new album is dark, powerful and damn good. Sophia Kennedy, part of the DJ Koze cosmos, makes pop music the way we like it: a little playful, cross-genre, and with a lot of grooves. Her latest album Monsters is a delightful trip. It's...

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